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Terms & Conditions

  • Customer service contact information, including landline telephone number, email address and full postal address. (Please note – we cannot accept a PO Box address)
  • Country of Merchant domicile to be clearly disclosed to the cardholder immediately prior to the completion of the payment instructions.
  • Complete description of its goods or services e.g. if they are selling electrical goods, the merchant must state voltage requirements, which vary around the world.
  • Return, refund and cancellation policy. If you have a limited or no refund policy, this must be clearly communicated to cardholders before the purchase decision is made, so as to prevent any misunderstandings and disputes.
  • Delivery policy.
  • Transaction currency or currencies must be clearly sated on the website. It is important that the Cardholder is made aware of the transaction currency before they proceed with a purchase.
  • If there is any export restrictions these must be quoted on the site.
  • The legal entity of your business is clear to your customers. (e.g. your company name and trading name is clearly displayed)